The most modern and complete IT Service Management Software that integrates, from end to end, all your company’s business areas.



Designed to structure ESM – Enterprise Service Management processes, with ITIL, CobIT, ITSM, ITGOV, SEGINF and Agile Project Management practices.


A true immersion (implementation, training and custom development) that goes far beyond technology, with the best practices in the market, making life easier for customers and improving the user experience with:


reduction in IT costs (direct and indirect). If compared to other tools quoted in dollars, this economy is much superior


adherence to SGTI standards with the implementation of our tools

1 single solution

for the entire IT service transition, with risk and vulnerability analysis.





More than 1 million users benefited from our solution, where it was possible to achieve greater maturity and security in processes, in addition to ensuring more agility, organization and efficiency in processes.





Scale your operation by automating processes and minimizing risks with advanced analytical intelligence solutions.

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Teams from any area or line of business can use SENSR.IT


Automation and agility

in calls with Service Desk and ITSM



Project management

with the main PMBOOK and Agile market methodologies

Risk management

that impact the business



Contract and supplier management


Start the digital transformation with a focus on your entire business strategy.