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Our structure is permanently updated and ready to provide support to your strategic business goals, whether they be local, regional or global.

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infrastructure availability.

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Our solutions


An environment 100% remotely managed, following the best practices of management, governance and security.




We manage the environments of your business hosted in our Data Centers, using our own or alternative structures. We have adopted a transparent, proactive approach, focusing on failure prevention, increased availability and guaranteed application performance.


Environments Monitoring

Detection and handling of incidents on an integrated event monitoring framework.


Open Environment

We design and operate open-platform environments, focusing on resource optimization, availability and operational predictability.


Mainframe Environment

Management, operation and support of high platform environments, from console operation, parameterization and configuration of partitions, operating system, databases to the application layer. Specific focus on routine automation, processing optimization (MIPS), performance and capacity management and integration with low platform environments.


PCP – Production Planning and Control

Experience in the production and processing of jobs, from the implementation and execution of processes through automation tools, providing more efficiency and security for our customers’ business.


Integrated solution for storage, protection and replication of data to ensure integrity, availability and performance when accessing them through applications.


Data Storage

Guaranteed service levels and environment in line with application performance requirements.


Data Protection

Data recovery guarantee in the event of a physical or logical failure in the infrastructure layer, or functional or operational failure at the application level.


Data Reapplication

Design and operation of data between data centers, via external storage, hypervisor, operating system or database.


Robustness and ease of connection to IT environments hosted in our Data Centers, with high network availability, support for complex topologies, geo-redundancy and scalability in data communication usage.


Link Management

Complete management regarding data circuits, ranging from monitoring the installation and acceptance of the facilities to the starting and monitoring of telecommunication operators.


Network Device Management

Services for the implementation and support of local area networks and their various components, fundamental to IT projects.



Connectivity infrastructure for the installation of data and voice circuits, with Fiber Optics, UTP and Coaxial backbones. Physical connection to cloud providers and more than 20 operators.

We guarantee the implementation and maintenance of IT services, with specialized technical knowledge and customer interface.