We are cloud specialists, delivering end-to-end solutions to expedite transformational journeys at all levels of digital maturity.

Here at TIVIT, we believe that the implementation of digital solutions is the natural way forward for businesses.


Thus, we offer our experience by means of a full array of products and services to find strategies that increase the value generated by the journey over time and safely raise companies’ capacity.



Cloud Adoption

We are prepared to understand the peculiarities of each project, indicating the best paths and intelligent adoption of private, public, hybrid, multi and edge clouds.

How do we do it?

We have solutions designed according to necessity, providing a level of customization that steers each application towards the ideal cloud solution. We are partners with the largest public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP), enabling us to extract the maximum capacity in all scenarios. In addition, we offer a true hybrid cloud experience, by integrating private and public cloud solutions with a full management service.



TIVIT Enterprise Cloud



Public Cloud – AWS / Azure / GCP



True Hybrid Cloud



SAP Ecosystem








We speed up the transformation journey, in order to enable the sustainable scaling of businesses through the modernization and evolution of legacy applications and outdated environments.

How do we do it?

Change is difficult, but to simplify the process, we provide support for all transformation journeys, promoting the sustainability and boosting exponential growth of businesses and organizations. We help to prioritize leveraging to boost processes, ensuring sustainable growth, making us a partner of reference during periods of expansion and consolidation, always guaranteeing secure, stable environments with the best cost-benefit for customers and partners.



Cloud Managed Services



Cloud Support



Technical Account Manager



Cloud Sensor






App Management



SAP Ecosystem

AMS / Projects / Support

Grow & Innovate

We identify opportunities to empower businesses and open doors to extraordinary ideas that elevate the experience of our customers’ customers, generating competitive edge.

How do we do it?

We help companies to achieve their full potential and expand their horizons, guided by the real market pains and needs, generating competitive edge and creating new business models. We guarantee the passage from start to finish. We work together to put innovative solutions into practice. We enable strategies and set challenging targets and objectives that generate a real impact for the businesses.



Cloud ProServ






DB Transformation



Immutable Backup



Modernization App



Agile Development



Data & Analytics



IoT & Smart Systems




Partner Ecosystem









TIVIT was recognized as a leader in several quadrants of the ISG Provider Lens, highlighting its ability to offer a complete range of cloud solutions, in addition to its great world-class automation capacity with specialized teams dedicated to its customers.

TIVIT Cloud Solutions:

The security and experience that you need, the agility and flexibility you want.