Connected Vehicles

Developed for companies seeking to offer innovation to their clients through data collected from technological devices installed in their vehicles and connected to our IoT platform, the Connected Vehicle solution allows you to monitor and analyze in real time the behavior of several monitored indicators, therefore resulting in economy to the company and more safety to the driver. When you use Connected Vehicle, it is possible to analyze data regarding driver’s profile, follow up on your fleet’s status and location and get red flags in cases of claims. All of these can be done intelligently and interactively. The solution also provides information on the vehicle’s telemetry, details regarding performed trips, fuel consumption, alerts on occurred events, from location in an unpredicted region, to an indicator of the vehicle’s electronic central reaching an unexpected level (battery level or engine temperature, for instance).

Benefits of the solution


Identify preset situations in real time, such as sudden stop or improper use of the clutch


Real time information about the conduction of the vehicle

Driver’s Profile

Drivers’ ranking based on the conduction of the vehicle

Convenience to the user

Presents an efficient way to manage and interact with the vehicle

Mechanical Diagnosis

Remote monitoring of mechanical problems, such as vehicle’s overheating, problems with battery levels and others

End-to-end delivery

We provide all the components of the Connected Vehicles solution, such as Service, from the device to be installed in the vehicle, to our IoT platform, to a spare team at our Operational Center of Excellence in order to help the management of the solution


vehicles connected and monitored in real time

Optional Items

SIM card for collected data transportation

Devices OBD2 for vehicle installation

Customization of the solution in accordance with your specific needs

Implementation of the integration with your legacy systems

Consulting service to understand the client’s processes and therefore to be able to suggest proper improvements

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