Connected Assets Automation and Monitoring

What if you could connect field devices to your company's systems?

Our IoT platform makes it possible. Our Connected Assets Automation and Monitoring solutions provide your company with full visibility, in order to monitor the key indicators and enable your company to interact with your field assets remotely, safely and in real time, therefore enabling the measurement and automation of electronic devices.

Developed in a scalable architecture, our IoT platform stands out for its flexibility regarding the collection of field data from several different devices and for being able to turn such data into valuable information. Get to know further details on our IoT platform possibilities for the automation of your company’s operations.


Over 1 million electronic meters are connected to our platforms.

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With over 1 million connected intelligent meters, our IoT platform operates as a large virtual contractor, carrying out periodic meter readings, power disconnection and reconnection operations and measurement of energy quality data, all of these fully automated and integrated to companies’ technical and commercial systems. Such operations are not limited to energy meters. Water distribution systems are also monitored by our IoT platform, so that sanitation companies can perform required supply maneuvers.

Most companies and households can potentially decrease their power and water consumption. During power/water rationing and high fare seasons, companies seek for energetic efficiency in order to become more competitive due to such costs reduction. The IoT platform permits the measurement and management of the acclimatization systems (air conditioning) and lighting (internal or on the façades) of companies in the most different equipment scenarios.

Benefits of the solution

Remote Measurement

Real time information about the device


Real time identification of measurements conflicting with pre-set parameters, which can represent a risk to your operation

Mechanical Diagnosis

Remote identification of mechanical problems, such as device overheating, operation anomalies and others

End-to-end delivery

We provide all the components of the Connected Assets Automation and Monitoring Solution, such as Service, from the installation team, to our IoT platform, to the device in use

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