Assets Predictive Maintenance Management

The transition to 4.0 Industry is in progress. More and more, sensors connected to productive machines collect and provide data about their functioning. In this case scenario is it no longer enough to carry out maintenance operations programmed in accordance with the instructions issued by the manufacturer. We need more. In a totally connected world, we need to be aware of the intelligent usage of the collected data so that we can anticipate the maintenance operations required by your industrial complex. Our Assets Predictive Maintenance Management solution is capable of collecting data regarding machine operation, transporting the data to our IoT platform, where intelligent algorithms are capable of crossing information with other data sources, such as anomalies history, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in order to red flag risk situations. Such information is highly relevant in order to reduce to a minimum or even prevent a potential downtime of your company’s production systems.

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Downtime risk alerts have been detected and informed by the solution, which targeted emergency maintenance actions

Benefits of the solution

End-to-end delivery

We provide all components of the Assets Predictive Maintenance Management, from the installation of the sensors, to IoT platform, managerial reports or event alert dashboards and even spare a team at our Operational Center of Excellence to help the management of the solution


Real time identification of measurements conflicting with pre-set parameters, which can represent a risk to your operation

Mechanical Diagnosis

Identify mechanical problems remotely, such as part premature wear out, reduction of input levels, anomalies in the functioning and others

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