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Digital transformation, leveraged by technologies like cloud computing, mobility and the internet of things, has revolutionized the way companies position themselves in the marketplace and relate to their audiences

Digital transformation, which has been leveraged by such trends as cloud computing, mobility and Internet of Things, has revolutionized the way companies define their positioning in the market and Interact with their audiences. Supported by all of its experience in integrating complex solutions, TIVIT helps its clients to improve their businesses and therefore gain competitivity.

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IoT Solutions

TIVIT’s IoT solutions allow you to safely connect your devices, people, vehicles, etc., to your systems, enabling you to interact with your business processes in real time.


TIVIT’s IoT solutions allow you to safely connect your devices, people, vehicles, etc., to your systems, enabling you to interact with your business processes in real time.

Business Integration

With Com TIVIT’s EDI platform, your company will be able to manage daily operations more effectively through the services and solutions suite which support the Financial Market and SupplyChain.


Facilitates document management and access to information in a fast and safe way.

Digital Security

Robust security strategy focused on risk reduction and business continuity for our customers

Application Management

We understand the fundamental role of applications in supporting the journey of digital transformation of companies, we use a flexible and multidisciplinary approach, we base our deliveries on a cycle of continuous evolution and lessons learned, always focusing on meeting the needs of each client and each segment Of the market

Digital Workplace

Maximize service quality and user productivity

SAP & Enterprise Apps

Prioritizing improvements, managing support tickets, the teams’ training demands, availability and infrastructure performance. All of that plus constant cost optimization and reduction of operational risks

Smart Systems

Intelligent monitoring solutions capable of supervising device behavior and supporting the decision-making process in business rules.

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Operational Center of Excellence

Our IoT platform is the most appropriate solution to fully monitor your remote teams’ (internal or external) workflow, as well as to monitor your assets’ behavior in the field. Our solutions enable a full operation follow-up, which helps the identification and correction of possible operational flaws in your routines. You can also rely on our Operational Center of Excellence, composed by logistics and operations specialists who monitor, in real time, the alerts generated by the solution and activate operators to correct, direct or register the event.

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By offering this service, TIVIT becomes in charge of following up all field teams and assets connected to our clients. The main objective is to seek operational optimization by reducing costs related to operational unproductive hours through a full visualization of the field teams’ and monitored assets’ behavior. This monitoring is carried out by specialists in the solution. Such professionals are responsible for receiving the services (which are programmed in the same order they will be carried out), or the normality parameters regarding each asset to be monitored. Every time that an alert is activated by the IoT platform, our team carries out the pre-determined procedure: from opening a ticket in the client’s tool, to making a phone call or sending messages to the people in charge of the operation at the client.

All events are automatically generated by the IoT platform and referrals carried out by specialists from the Operational Center of Excellence are registered in our solution, therefore offering a great source of data to support the decision making.

Periodically, managerial reports are sent to your company, which allows the analysis of the registered deviation, as well as the planning of corrective actions in order to prevent such deviations.

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