Enterprise Cloud

Cross-platform infrastructure solution as a service (IaaS), robust and customizable

Expertise and consultative vision in a managed and customized private cloud solution

TIVIT Enterprise Cloud is a multiplatform private cloud which offers the highest levels of availability and information security. The platform was designed to be robust and scalable in order to support complex operations which cannot stop. With service levels which are similar to or even better than the services offered by traditional environments (“physical” environments), the solution enables our clients to fully meet tailor-made demands, regarding hybrid clouds integrated with traditional environments.
The solution enables fully centralized management and monitoring, which results in fast implementations. Such approach and transparency are possible due to mature governance, which is provided by our Cloud Managed Services and covers market best practices. This mature governance was earned through our experience in mission critical environments management.



x86 (Intel), RISC, and Mainframe Platforms


Specialized, shared or dedicated solutions


Compliance with special IT security requirements


Compliance with special availability requirements and data protection.

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Virtual Server

Virtual servers in the Infrastructure as a Service category (IaaS), offering computational capacity through resource group (resource pool).

Resources with variable, adaptable and scalable configuration, providing the flexibility required by IT complex environments.

Platforms specialized in the following technologies x86 (Intel), RISC and Mainframe, extracting the best each technology can offer.

Native integration capacity among several platforms with traditional environments, constituting a real hybrid solution.

Storage & Data Protection

Data storage and protection for both virtual and physical servers hosted in our Data Centers.

Different performance experiences in order to meet applications’ several requirements.

Local or geographic data replication solutions which enable the creation of environments that can tolerate failure but prevent data losses.

Cloud for Hana

Integrated offer of cloud services for SAP HANA, contemplating from infrastructure to the provision of SAP licensing as a service.

Licensing options provided by both TIVIT and the client.

Exclusive platform for data banks workload in memory (In Memory SAP HANA) or for SAP’s ERP 4th generation, SAP S/4 HANA.

Solution integrated with other Enterprise Cloud’s offers, which offers high infrastructure availability for SAP systems.

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