Cloud Managed Services

Expertise and consultative vision to help and accelerate the journey to the cloud of our clients, through a complete portfolio of services

Specialized services and a responsive governance process in order to support companies’ journeys to the cloud

Due to a solid experience and based on an approach which is independent from the current technologies and cloud services, Cloud Managed Services guarantees the support required throughout the several stages of the journey to your company’s cloud, regardless the complexity of the IT applications and services involved. We have adapted the management process to the new characteristics of the cloud services, comprising financial control as well, which prevents surprises regarding expenditures and helps seek for cost optimization opportunities.

TIVIT offers multicloud solutions and complete services to enable customers journey to the cloud

Workloads to be migrated

When and how to change

Transformation roadmap

Vision of future state

Assessment of worload requirements

Integration analysis with hybrid environments

Application transformation scenarios

Initial settings

Connectivity Integration

Definition of templates and standard use of resources

Set up of cloud broker services

Workloads transition

Validation, Simulation, and operational tests

Transformation of workloads

Application portability

Integration with tradional IT services

Integrated management of hybrid workloads

Support for application in the cloud

Support, optimization and automation of computing resources


Integrated governance combining IT sourcing strategies

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